Europe and the New World

The Reconstruction and Perception of Historic City Centers

Jesuits in Portuguese and Spanish America

The Francophonie

"Highlife in Club Afrique"

Dub Reggae in Great Britain

International Migration and Cultural Pluralism: Arab Migrants in Latin America

Jewish Migration: Intercultural Experiences in the Autobiographical Discourse of Emigrated German-Jewish Intellectuals

Globalization and Ethnicity: Construction of Hybrid Indentit(ies) in North America and Great Britain

Ethnic Identity of Arab Settlements in the New World

"Interkulturalität", "hybridity," and "métissage" as Paradigms for Interpreting the Texts of Québec's "écriture migrante"

Derek Walcott's Writings on Caribbean Culture, 1957-74

Periphery and Center: Hybridization and Postcolonial Migration Between the Caribbean and Colonial Metropolis